Phonics & Story (PAS)

Learn to read, sound out and blend independently through English phonics.

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Age Groups

3 – 6 Yrs


55 Min

Class Size

Max 7




  • Read independently through phonics

  • Learn to sound out using synthetic and analytical phonics

  • Read stories at your child’s reading level

  • Grow sight-word vocabulary

  • Instill a passion for reading in your child


Children will learn to read independently as they commence their reading journeys. In our Phonics and Story class, our levels are divided so your child can read words, and stories that are at your child’s level. Using Letterland curriculum adapted by Book Talk, children will learn to read phonics both synthetically and analytically making them more independent readers.

Children are just learning the basics of sounding out, can’t read words independently, or cannot read words by sounding them out as they don’t know the letter sounds. Children will learn:

  • To associate letters with sounds and vice versa

  • To sound out words, especially consonant-vowel-consonant words

  • Most A-Z sounds

  • Introductory digraph sounds

  • Read simple, predictable text

  • The “for/ with/ by” method to assist them as they build their reading confidence

  • Learn other reading tips like looking at the picture for clues

  • Build site word vocabulary

Now your child can read basic words and sentences, it’s time to expand the types of words and books they can read. In this level, your child will:

  • Learn blends, both beginning and end blends (consonant-consonant-vowel-consonant and consonant-vowel-consonant-consonant)

  • Learn long vowels and their spelling patterns

  • Read more varied texts with longer passages that rely on the picture less and less

By now, your child can read longer passages and has a strong sight-word vocabulary list making reading speed faster. He relies upon sounding out less until he encounters an unfamiliar word. In this level, your child will learn:

  • R-controlled vowels

  • Diphthongs and vowels

  • Longer texts with more and more words that weren’t previously familiar to him

  • Encounter many multi-syllable words and learn to sound these tricky words out

  • Start seeing silent-letters more and more (especially the consonants)

Your child is well on her way to reading mastery. There will always be words that are difficult and exceptions to rules. In this level, your child will:

  • Learn about the “schwa” and other exceptions to previously learned rules

  • Learn prefixes, suffixes and spelling changes that may help her read new words she encounters

  • Make educated “guesses” when she encounters tricky words and exceptions and not let spelling patterns scare her


  • Once a week
  • Twice a week