Write & Story (WAS)

Write independently and improve spelling skills.

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Age Groups

5- 8 Yrs


55 Min

Class Size

Max 7




  • Improve spelling through the use of sounding out and English phonics

  • Learn writing conventions and “rules” to standardise writing

  • Learn the writing process and improve editing/proofreading skills

  • Explore different writing styles

  • Start non-fiction and creative writing skills


In this course, children learn to become independent writers through exercises that enhance their spelling, writing structure and creative writing skills. This course is divided to help your child join the level that’s most suitable for his needs based upon his current ability.

Children in this level may have difficulty sounding out words when spelling, or may need a bit of a reminder. They find free-writing exercises difficult as they struggle to generate ideas, or have a disconnect between their ideas and communicating it on paper. Their writing structure/ sentence structure has many mistakes but that’s ok – that’s part of the learning process. In this level, your child will:

  • Develop their spelling through learning one spelling pattern at a time introduced in themes

  • Improve their writing structure and grammar as they learn to write in response to very guided writing exercises

  • Start trying creative writing where they are given a topic and guidance as they begin to collect their thoughts and put them on paper

Now your child has some sounding out abilities and doesn’t need as much help getting ideas onto paper. In this level, your child will:

  • Continue to enhance spelling through thematic vocabulary and spelling groups

  • Further improve writing convention skills in response to direction

  • Develop creative writing from “thoughts on paper” to “organised” thoughts on paper

  • Develop “editing” skills to polish your child’s writing

Now your child’s writing structure and independent writing is more solid, it’s time to get even more organised, see good examples of writing and embrace new freedom in their creative writing. In this level, your child will:

  • Learn key editing mistakes to look for, go through assigned passages that already have mistakes and correct them independently and as a class

  • Observe good writing passages, evaluate why it is an example of good writing

  • After witnessing good writing examples, perform her own writing using prompts to mimic that style

Now your child’s spelling, editing, writing structure, and creative writing is more advanced, it’s time to publish your very own book! In this course, children go through the writing process from beginning to end to make their own story and have it printed and publish. In this level, your child will:

  • Learn about the story elements

  • Brainstorm story ideas

  • Storyboard their stories

  • Create a first draft

  • Edit their own (and other children’s) stories

  • Do additional drafts

  • Illustrate

  • Print, publish, and dedicate their stories to someone


Once a week