Birthday Story Party Services

Book Talk hosts monthly parties just to give children a break from the routine. We encourage children to speak up and have fun at these events. Priority is given to Book Talk members and Book Talk students.

Book Club Members’ Services

  • We offer many benefits to our Book Talk membership holders including

  • Extra book borrowing privileges

  • 20%+ off all Book Talk events

  • All you can read drop-in hours

  • Access to our online learning services

  • 2 extra make-up lessons free of charge per package

  • Free monthly parenting talk

  • Additional discounts for our BAS, PAS and Coding classes (5% off) and additional 5% off our double classes

Online Learning Services

We encourage our students and parents to keep learning at home. Book Talk provides online learning content exclusively for Book Talk students and members.

Themed Birthday Party Services

Do you have a birthday party and you want to find a big space to host it? Book Talk has 2 convenient, spacious locations to host your party. We can provide the following upon request (with special discounts for our members):

  • Big, fun spacious venue for your child

  • Native English entertainers and storytellers for your the event

  • Magicians, balloon artists and other special guests

  • Cake cutting

  • and more!

  • Themed Birthday Services 01
  • Themed Birthday Services 02
  • Themed Birthday Services 03
  • Themed Birthday Services 04
  • Themed Birthday Services 05
  • Themed Birthday Services 06
  • Themed Birthday Services 07
  • Themed Birthday Services 08

Phonics For Parent Services

When it is not your first language, English isn’t necessarily easy. Phonetic reading can be even harder – it doesn’t have to be! With Book Talk’s Phonics for parents services, you’ll find in just minutes a day you can learn the basics of phonetic reading, and help your child to read phonetically too. This way Mommy and Daddy can be the phonics superhero at home while your child learns to read phonics at Book Talk.

Matching Services

Do you want your child to learn English but you’re not sure about which class is the most suitable? Talk to one of our staff and we’d love to arrange for a consultation and arrange for a trial for your child to assess their current level and to find an ideal class to meet their needs.”

Private Lesson Services

Do you have more specific needs or a tight deadline to meet? Ask us about your private lesson services and we’d love to discuss making your life more at ease.