Book Talk Story-Telling Contest

Book Talk Story-Telling Contest

2016 Creative Story-Telling Competition


Book Talk is running its story-telling competition, “Book Talk Story-Telling Contest”, where children from different kindergartens and primary schools can join in and share stories in English. We all love to read stories, and this competition aims to provide a platform for children to develop good public speaking skills and reading habits. This will help them in the future by reading and understanding inspiring and educational stories.

This year, we hope over dozens schools, and hundreds of children
will participate in the event. “Book Talk Creative Storytelling Competition” will hopefully become a popular event for children and an entertaining activity for relatives and friends.

Through the competition, Book Talk hopes:

  • To build children’s confidence and skills in speaking English
  • To make English learning interesting through storytelling
  • To stimulate children’s creativity and improve their reading skills, organisation skills and oral presentation skills. 

*Children who participate in the competition can further enjoy a custom-made class from Book Talk prior to the competition. They will have a fun time learning how to tell the stories in the most interesting ways, using voices, facial expressions, body gestures and to listen to other fun stories in class.


Competition Details:

Date: 16th December, 2019 (Monday)

Time: 2 – 8 pm (Competition times of each category TBA)

Venue: Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre 

Entry Fee: HKD$ 280.00 per participant

Application Deadline: 22nd November 2019 (Friday)


*Contestants of different categories are required to arrive at the competition location no later than the prescribed time of the contestants’ meeting assigned by the organiser. Contestants meetings will be announced prior to the event.


Entrance Eligibility

The competition will be conducted in English for all entries. It is open to all K1 to K3 students who are attending half or full-day kindergartens in Hong Kong AND to all junior primary school students who are studying P1 to P2.


  • Children from 3 years old to 8 years old
  • Elementary Level: 3 – 4 years old (K1 – K3)
  • Advanced Level: 6 – 8 years old (P1 – P2)

Rules & Regulations

Contestants are to observe the following rules:

  1.  Stories presented can be authentic, adapted, personally experienced, self-created or chosen from Book Talk’s Story List
  2.  Story of Own choice should be submitted together with the Form & Entry Fee for approval. Book Talk Limited reserves the final rights on accepting or rejecting any piece.
  3.  Story of Own Choice should contain no more than 100 words in English. Otherwise, marks will be deducted or disqualified.
  4.  Contestant(s) are also welcome to choose one presented story from five story options based on the story list suggested by Book Talk. Please go to the Book Talk website for the Story List.
  5.  If the story performed in the contest is different from that stated on the application form , the contestant may recieve no score and be disqualified.
  6.  No printed papers are allowed on the stage when the competition starts.
  7.  The contestants are only allowed to speak when the judges signal the starting time with the use of a bell ring.
  8.  Time allocated to present the story is one minute. The bell will be rung once when there are 20 seconds left and twice at the 1 minute mark.
  9.  5 seconds will be given as a grace period after the 1st minute. Marks will be deducted thereafter. 
  10.  Costumes are welcome, but other props, backdrops and sound effects are not allowed. Any use of these will lead to disqualification.
  11.  Interruptions of performances or assistance, such as visual cues, mirroring the routine, and/or otherwise communicating with the participant during their performance are not permitted.
  12.  Participants can join more than one category at a time, but are only allowed to participate once in each category.
  13.  The decisions of the judges are final.

Marking Scheme 

Grading criteria (100 marks):
Costume, Storyline, Presentation, Proficiency, Style, Theme

The Best Storyteller Award
Selected by the judges

Most Creative Story Award
Storyline, Story Structure, Creativity and Originality

Best Contest Costume Award
Selected by the judges

The Most Popular Story Award
Selected by the judges


There will be a Champion, 1st Runner up, 2nd Runer up and excellence prizes awarded to winning contestants in each category, as well as outstanding performance certificates with impressive prizes. Contestants with outstanding performances in storytelling will also be commended. For details, please refer to the website of Hong Kong Creative Story-Telling Contest. 

Application Methods

Interested parties please visit our website to download the application form. Please complete the application form, together with a crossed* cheque payable to “Book Talk Limited” & a hard copy of your own story, send to 3/F Capital Commercial Building, 26 Leighton Rd, Leighton Hill, Causeway Bay, HK on or before 22nd November 2019.

*Please state the name of the contestant on the back of the cheque