Children’s Book Reviews – Mr. Toby

Children’s Book Reviews – Mr. Toby

Feet are not for Kicking

For ages 2 – 3. This book describes purposes of feet such as jumping, walking, standing and playing. This book is excellent to read with your young toddler as you can act out all the different pages.

5 out of 5.


For ages 6 – 10. This book tells the story of Mulan, a woman in ancient China who pretends to be a man to fight the Huns to save her agingfather. She is rejected from the army after they discover who she really is, but she still goes on to save the emperor.

5 out of 5

Princess Tiana

For ages 4 -6. This book is about Tiana setting up a restaurant, and her dog who gets into trouble in the kitchen. Tiana is brave and not a typical Princess! It is fun and exciting to read, as well as having a good role model for women in business.

4 out of 5