Book Talk’s Summer Classes

Book Talk's Summer classes
6 -7 Years Old
8 - 9 Years Old
9 - 10 Years Old
10 - 12 Years Old
11 - 12 Years Old
12 - 24 Months Old
12 - 36 Months Old
3 - 4 Years Old
3 - 5 Years Old
4 -5 Years Old
5 - 6 Years Old
7 - 8 Years Old
7 - 9 Years Old
  • Time Machine Speak and Story
    Time Machine Speak and Story
  • Summer Fast Learn & Phonics
    Summer Fast Learn & Phonics
  • Summer Baby Play & Story
    Summer Baby Play & Story
  • Summer PN Play & Story
    Summer PN Play & Story
  • Summer Write & Story
    Summer Write & Story
  • Summer Interview Preparation Class
    Summer Interview Preparation Class
  • Stop Motion
    Stop Motion
  • Summer Perform and Speech
    Summer Perform and Speech
  • STEAM - Code your own Adventure
    STEAM - Code your own Adventure

Time Travel Adventure Summer Programme

At Book Talk, we use a story-based teaching method. Our teaching method uses the affective filter hypothesis, which is the idea that your child’s emotional state affects his/her learning. If your child is happy and relaxed, they are more likely to focus and learn than if they are bored or anxious. We aim to unleash your child’s motivation to learn a foreign language through the world of story.

It is Book Talk’s mission to help your child grow into a positive, confident reader and storyteller. We believe that through stories, language is given a context and this makes it easier and more fun to learn. Stories make sure that you learn new material the way new material is supposed to be learned. Every word, every phrase, every preposition, every verb in a story appears in its proper context. The benefit of having your children learn a new language this way is that they will be more likely to know how to use a new word,  a phrase or in a sentence, naturally through story. Stories engage your child’s whole brain while listening or reading. Through this method of learning, your child will find things to be considerably more memorable than if they were learning a language through abstract grammatical exercises in a more formal class setting. We value each child’s creative expression and encourage it! Mistakes will happen, yet that is how your child learns.

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