Mr. Toby new book reviews

Mr. Toby new book reviews

Mr. Toby new book reviews

Biscuit finds a Friend For ages 2 – 4

Biscuit is a very cute young puppy, and in this book he runs away from his owner and finds family of ducks. He makes friends and plays with a little duckling before saying goodbye. This is a good book to learn simple vocabulary in an easy to understand book.

5 out of 5

Coco For ages 5- 10

This book is adapted from the Pixar film and it tells the story of Coco, who is from Mexico and wants to play the guitar, but his family say no. He goes on a search for his great grandpa and the secret musical history of his family. He even travels to the land of the dead to find him! It is a heartwarming story about family and following your passion.

5 out of 5.

Peppa Pig – Fun at the Fair For ages 2 – 5

This book is about a day at the fair with Peppa Pig and her family, they play lots of fun games and activities and win lots of cute panda toys. Mummy pig is especially good, and the book shows that mums can win games too! The pictures are easy to understand, and Peppa Pig is always a popular character.

4 out of 5.