Teacher’s Sport Stories

Teacher’s Sport Stories

Mr. Andrew

When I was about 8 years old I used to go to swimming competitions. Swimming was great, but what I really loved was staying at the pool with my mum and eating ice cream afterwards.

Mr. Ben

At 9 years old, I was on a soccer (football) team. I played mid-field. My team was the very worst in the city. We lost every game. One time at half-time, the game was very close – the score was 0-0. However, after half-time, we switched goalies/ goalkeepers. The final score was 3-1. We still lost. It’s ok though, we still had fun.

Mr. Chris

I loved riding my bike when i was younger. One day i was going down a really steep grassy hill in the park that i always went down but today was different, it had been raining the night before and i didn’t realise how slippery the grass would be. when i got to the bottom I didn’t put my breaks on until way too late and i slid for a solid 10 seconds in to a metal fence.

Ms. Jacquie

When I was 9 years old I played hockey for the blue team and we always lost to the white team. One day we were in the final game of a tournament and we were against White. We made it to overtime, and in overtime I scored the game winning goal to win the tournament and finally beat white for the first time!!!

Mr. Paul

When I was 7 years old I raced in my school. I reached the finals in my school and if I won I would run against other schools. I forgot to tie my shoelace before the race started and fell over. I continued the race but I lost. Always remember to tie your lace.

Ms. Sigrid

When i was 13 i played rugby for the IIV15 at my high school, being one of the smallest on the team, i was always the wing (the runner). One game, i forgot to tie my shoelaces properly and when my teammate passed me the ball i took off, everyone was screaming with joy as i took off down the sideline to the goal..and then i was eating dirt. Always remember to double knot your laces!

Ms. Stephanie

When I was around 11 years old, I went to the pool all the time to swim. I wanted to be a life guard, so I would practice a lot! I had to practice rescuing people, and diving deep under water. But I swam so much, the chlorine from the pool turned my hair green! After that, I was more careful to wash my hair.

Mr. Toby

At school I played a lot of tennis with my brother, once were in a tournament and we played so well we got to the final! In the final we played against two other boys who were two years older than us. They could hit the ball very hard, but we were clever and so we played shots that the older boys couldn’t reach, so we won the tournament! Our parents were very proud of us, and we won a big trophy.