Speak & Story 會話 &故事班 (SAS)

關於Speak & Story 會話 &故事班 ( SAS)

Speak & Story is Book Talk’s signature class. This program contains SEVEN levels. It adopts the TPR Storytelling (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling or TPRS) is a method of teaching foreign languages. TPRS lessons use a mixture of reading and storytelling to help students learn a foreign language in our classroom setting. It is also based on a story-based teaching methods to inspired children to expresses herself/himself in English with confident.

Everybody loves a good story, especially children. They are already familiar with stories in the mother tongue, and the use of stories in our classroom offers an effective way of introducing new language in a meaningful and memorable context. Stories increase children’s exposure to English and help them build their own vocabulary and speak in full sentences.

關於Speak & Story 會話 &故事班 (SAS Level 1 – 7) 

本課程採用基於故事的語言教學方法(SLT),這是一種北美很流行的、有效的、有趣的英語教學方式。 故事為學生提供了一個機會,在故事的世界裡學英語, 讓他們在講故事時練習他們的聽力, 公開演講和口語技能。

SAS 課程重點(Level 1 – 2 ) 適用於 K1 – K2

– 學習新單詞和句子結構

– 鼓勵孩子說完整的句子

– 建立對英語口語、聽力和演講的信心

– 培養閱讀熱情

– 批判性思考

– 增加想像力和創造力