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“My child doesn’t like to read”

We all know that reading is an important skill for children to learn, but not all kids will love it from the get-go. So what can parents do when their child hates reading?

There are a few things you can try. First, try to find something your child is interested in, like sports stats, movies or board games. Then incorporate reading into those activities. Talk to a librarian or your child’s friends’ parents to find out what books other kids enjoy reading. Graphic novels and comic books totally count—never tell a child these are not “real” books, says Barbara Lepp, a former teacher who now works as an independent education consultant and provincial coordinator for Manitoba of the International Literacy Association in Carman, Man.

If your kid doesn’t like reading because it’s hard for them, it’s important to look at whether there is something getting in their way. Have their eyes checked to rule out any vision problems and schedule a conversation with their teacher to see if there are any particular concerns. Your child may benefit from an assessment to determine whether they might have a learning disability. Finally, try to make reading a fun experience. “

Reading is a habit.

If your child doesn’t like to read, that’s okay! It’s not because they’re genetically predisposed to not liking it—it’s because they haven’t been exposed to enough of it.

And it’s possible for you to change that.

You can help them develop a love for reading by being a good role model and reading in front of them.

Start with simple books like look and finds or colouring books, then move onto maps books and choose your own adventures books. And don’t forget about audiobooks! If you don’t have time to read out loud, there are plenty of great audiobooks available online that you can download onto your phone or tablet.

The more we flip pages as kids, the more likely we are to do so as adults! So start reading today!

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