Book Talk Christmas Camp: Santa’s Secret Hideaway: A Christmas Story Camp Adventure! for children who are aged 3 to 12 years old 聖誕英語故事冒險營 適合 3 – 9 歲兒童


Welcome to our exciting Christmas camp! Join us in an adventure to find Santa Claus, where children and elves unite to locate him. Our specially designed camp offers over 8 classes, including activities like tracking Santa’s whereabouts and exploring various Christmas traditions from around the world through captivating stories. Perfect for children aged 3 to 9, each class is tailored to the specific age group, ensuring a fun and engaging experience. 

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  • Little Elf: Christmas Stories ( 1 hour) 小精靈:聖誕說故事工作坊 

( Age 3 – 5) ( Age 6 – 9) 

  • 12 Counties & 12 christmas culture ( 1 hour) 12 個國家,12 種聖誕文化 

( Age 3 – 5) ( Age 6 – 9) 

  • Polar Express Phonics Class ( 1 hour) 快車自然拼讀 ( Age 3 – 5) ( Age 6 – 8) 
  • Christmas book making  ( 2 hour) 聖誕書籍製作 ( Age 3 -9) 
  • Santa Sleuths: A Christmas Adventure filled with Science Experiments! ( 1 hour) ( Age 3 – 5) ( Age 6 – 8) 用科學實驗解開謎團:聖誕老公公在哪裡?
  • Gingerbread house making ( 2 hour)( Age 4 -9) Gingerbread製作工作坊
  • Write Santa a letter!  ( 1 hour) (Age 6 -9) 寫信給聖誕老人
  • Christmas story camp *( outdoor) (Whole half day) 3 hours (聖誕故事營+戶外)

Little Elf: Christmas Stories –
Enriching English Environment for Festive Fun! Immerse your child in the magic of Christmas with our interactive class. Discover captivating stories and expand Christmas vocabulary while engaging in exciting games and activities. Foster a love for learning in an all-English environment. Unwrap the joy of this holiday season with us!

Jingle Bell Adventurers: 12 Countries & 12 Christmas culture 

Unveiling 12 Christmas Cultures! Through our class, children will embark on a multicultural journey exploring the festive traditions of 12 countries. From learning map skills to discovering unique costumes and expanding English vocabulary, this immersive experience will broaden the children’s cultural horizons and ignite curiosity about the world around them. Get ready for a merry exploration of diversity and joy this Christmas!

Polar Express Phonics Class ( Blending for level 1 & 2)
All Aboard the Polar Express Phonics Class! In this Christmas camp, children will embark on a reading adventure while honing their blending skills. We’ll provide an engaging learning experience where children can practise blending sounds, and enhance their reading skills to become independent readers. Join us to create a magical journey towards reading fluency and comprehension.

Crafty Christmas Creatives: Build Your Own Christmas Book!
Join our workshop where children will unleash their imagination and create a personalised storybook for the holiday season. Through fun and interactive activities, they will design and construct their own simple storybook to cherish and share with family and friends. Let their creativity shine this Christmas!

Santa Sleuths: A Christmas Adventure filled with Science Experiments! 

Join us on a journey to track Santa and solve 12 mysteries using science experiments. This exciting class will inspire children’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Unleash their inner detective as they embark on an unforgettable Christmas experience where science meets holiday magic!

Gingerbread Magic ( Gingerbread house / cookies making)
Build Your Own Sweet Escape! In this Christmas-themed class, children will have the opportunity to make their very own gingerbread house using pre-made structures. This hands-on experience will allow them to explore their creativity, practise fine motor skills, and experience the joy of constructing their own delicious masterpiece. Get ready for a delightful and tasty adventure this holiday season!

Dear Santa Wordsmiths: Unlock Your Imagination with Letters to Santa!
Join us in this Christmas-themed class where children will explore different writing styles as they compose letters to Santa. This creative endeavour will increase their imagination, strengthen their writing skills, and bring holiday joy to their words. Let their pens guide them on a magical journey of self-expression and festive cheer!

Outdoor Christmas Adventure Camp

Immerse yourself in the magic of the holidays with our Christmas-themed camp! Join us as we track Santa, indulge in group games, and enjoy story time in the great outdoors. Experience the joy of the season amidst nature, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready for festive fun and enchantment in the open air!